Utah Concrete Sealers

Why seal my concrete?

Depending on the location of your concrete, it is recommended to seal your concrete every 2-5 years. Yes, that is quite the range!


Sun exposure, free/thaw cycle, light to heavy traffic, and winter de-icing all impact the condidtion of your concrete. 


Commercial grade Acrylic sealer:

Arcylic sealer is more durable than water-based, thus our selectiona always being acrylic.


You can choose between matte finish and gloss. 


For an additional charge we can lightly tint the sealer as well. 


We have years cleaning and coating concrete. Installers are licensed, insured and professionally trained. 


Our attention to detail will leave you pleased with your sealed concrete, pavers, walkways, and porch. You'd be happy to refer us to your friends. 

Our step by step process

First step of our process is cleaning and prepping the concrete to be sealed. We treat stains, and scrub trouble areas. 


(We clean on the surface level and cannot remove stains that are deeply penetrated into the concrete). 

Next step we powerwash the concrete to remove dirt, grime. For stained areas we use our ecofriendly concrete soap.  

Finally we apply commercial grade acrylic sealer.


You are able to walk on it within 4 hours, and drive on it afer 24 hours.